Frequently asked questions

About our service

Is the service confidential?

We don’t communicate with you very often. We use your secure account for the majority of our correspondence. Without your permission, we will never directly mention in your email any sensitive information about your health or course of treatment.

Does my GP have to be told about my treatment?

Notifying your doctor about most of our services is entirely voluntary. The General Pharmaceutical Council’s guidelines mandate that online health companies notify your regular general practitioner (GP) about our consultation when providing specific medications or illnesses. We cannot safely prescribe without one. In certain situations, we might need to get in touch with you again to get these facts before we can start your medication.

Informing your general practitioner (GP) about any treatments you are receiving is a smart idea. By informing them, your general practitioner can better assess your needs and determine how to best care for you going forward.

The “Order History” part of the website offers a GP letter that you may download if you would like to keep your doctor updated. your holdings. If you would like, we can deliver this letter to your general practitioner. Please use your account to send us a message with the name and surgery address of your general practitioner if you would like us to take this action.

Do you have real doctors working for you?

Indeed. Our Offices in the UK and US o now employs a number of doctors, as you can see from our team page

Is the service you offer legal?

Indeed. We are an online doctor service that is registered with the Care Quality Commission. We employ US or UK-registered physicians who are authorized to write prescriptions online. 

Are the medications you provide genuine?

Indeed. All of the main pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, GSK, Bayer, Merck, Lilly, and Roche, are among the therapies we provide.

How do I take the medicine?

We give you comprehensive instructions on how to take the medication when we mail it to you. You can reach the online doctor by phone or through your account if you have any queries before or after taking the prescription.

Are you open on bank holidays?

On bank holidays, orders can still be assessed and processed by our doctors; however, our customer care phone line is closed.

I’m not satisfied with your service; how can I complain?

Please call our Customer Support staff at if you have any complaints concerning your order or the service you received. They will inform you of the appropriate person to file your complaint with. Please go to our terms and conditions for further information about how we will handle your complaint.

Do you have further questions? Speak to our friendly team

Delivery, collections, and refunds

This page contains all the information you require upon receiving your order.

Global international shipper Action

I think my order is delayed. How can I find out where it is?

Please utilize the Global International Shipper tool to find out additional information if you are waiting for a delivery and are not sure where it is. Your tracking reference number, which we will provide you, is required.

Tracking information is not available on our website but can be tracked on the global international shipper website to know when you are going to receive your order 

What do I do if my order isn’t appearing on the Global International Shipper Tracking System?

Orders are not being added to the Global International Shipper tracking system promptly. If your order is not displayed, kindly wait and try again at a later time. As an alternative, you can speak with Global International Shipper personally.

We are always taking on new orders and there are never any delays After orders have been shipped, 

Can the pain relief centre tell me when I will receive my order if it is delayed?

As soon as the global international shipper receives your order, we are unable to provide tracking details.

What do I do if I want to cancel my order because of delivery delays?

Even if a prescription is returned, it cannot be used for another reason once it has been given to a patient. Therefore, even if you can cancel your order, we are unable to issue a refund.

What do I do if I need urgent medication and my order is delayed?

If your prescription is delayed and you have an urgent need for medication, you should call your general practitioner or, if necessary, seek emergency medical attention.

What do I do if my treatment is delayed and it must be refrigerated at all times?

All chilled goods are shipped in customized packaging to ensure that they remain between 2°C and 8°C for up to 52 hours at the proper temperature.

If your order is delayed and arrives within 52 hours of your doctor’s permission, please refrigerate it right away and use it normally as directed by your physician.

In the event that your item arrives after 52 hours of approval, please call our customer service staff and refrigerate it right away.

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